How To Use Translate PRO

SYSTRAN Translate PRO is the most powerful, accurate and secure AI-enabled machine translation software available on the market today. Using Translate PRO enables you to translate languages in real-time without ever having to sacrifice data privacy, a major difference when compared with most online translation software portals. Translate PRO is also very simple to use, allowing you to translate text, documents and files in real-time and integrate the best machine translation features available into your daily workflow.  

Let’s get started with Translate PRO. 

Translate Text

For simple Text Translation, either select the source language at left, or leave the menu unchanged at “Auto-detect”. Then, select the language you want your text translated to by clicking the dropdown menu button next to the result language. Once the selection has been made, either type or paste your text to be translated into the left dialogue box. If you’d prefer to dictate the text, click the Microphone icon in the lower left corner of the dialogue box.  

Translate PRO works in real time, so if you’re typing text into the source box, the result may change as you type or dictate your text. The Result of your translation is always contained in the right-hand dialogue box. 

Alternative Translations in Text Mode 

If it looks like your translation doesn’t completely match what you were looking for, Alternative Translations can help you ensure that your translation is even more precise and accurate.

To access this feature, simply select the section of translated text in the right hand box and click your mouse. The tool will provide you with a number of possible different translations, with the ability to either change the current translation by selecting the option you like, or leaving the translation as-is by deselecting.  

You can perform these kinds of edits at the word, phrase and sentence level to ensure that your translation is precisely what you are looking for.  

Reversing Translation to Ensure Accuracy

Using the translation Reverse button, you can test your translation to ensure that it is free of ambiguity. Simply click the button, and the Results box will show the translation reversed back into the source language.

Compare the right box with your original text – if there are differences, hit reverse again and select the section of text that appeared incorrect. You may be able to use Alternative Translations to correct it to precisely the meaning you were looking for.  

Translating Files & Documents

translate-PRO-filesEasily the most popular Translate PRO feature is File & Document Translation. To translate a file or document, click on the “File Translation” tab to begin. From there, either drag and drop the file you want translated into the large box, or click the “Select Files” button, browse to the file(s) you want translated, select the file and then click “Open”. Immediately, you should see the filename and size of your document(s) on the page.  

From there, you’ll want to select the languages in the dialog box. The source language is on the left, and you can either leave the box as “Auto Detect” or select the source language yourself. The right dialog box lets you select the language you want your document translated into. Once your selections have been made, click Translate. 

Once you click Translate, the translation begins. Look to the “Status” column and once your file has been translated - the status will change to “Translated”. From there, Download the translated file either by clicking on the Gear icon just left of the file name, or click the checkbox to the left of the Gear icon and click the “Download” button above. Your file is ready to be used. 


Editing Your Translated Files

To edit specific words or phrases in your translated document, click on the Gear symbol and select Edit.  The browser should bring you to a new screen where you can go through your document sentence by sentence. Click on the line that you would like to change the translation for, and then look to the “Target” box on the right side below the line-by-line translation area. This box enables you to edit the translation by hand, and then save it to the translated document by clicking the checkmark button. Once you click the checkmark button, you will be taken to the next line in your document.  

Once all of your edits are completed, Click the “Download” button to download your edited translation. You have just post-edited your translation on the fly and have maintained the formatting of your original document.  

Use Specialized Language Domains  

In the top right corner of the screen you’ll see a box that says, “Preferred domain”. If you are editing documents or text passages with a large amount of technical jargon or industry-specific terminology, you may want to select a specific domain, as this will increase the overall accuracy of the translation.

There are a variety of specialized models, including those for Agriculture, Business, IT, Finance and others, and all are very useful in these special cases. 

The User Guide Can Help! 

If ever there are issues with using Translate PRO, look to the top right corner of the screen. Click on the lowercase “i” icon to pull up the Translate PRO user guide. Any additional features or questions you might have are addressed here. If it turns out you have other questions, simply click on “Support” on the left side menu, and either search the knowledgebase, or look to the top middle section of the page and click: “Submit a request”. From there, you should be able to submit a help ticket. 

SYSTRAN Is Always Here to Help 

If ever you have issues using Translate PRO, please feel free to contact us at any time. We always strive to provide any answers we can within 24 hours. But in the meantime, Happy Translating!

Equipping your organization with real time, accurate AI-enabled machine translation is easier than ever. Click here to get a free trial today! 

Craig Wright